I have Burnt my Bridges



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In Asia there was a Chinese general, Xiang Yu, who ordered his troops across the river and quietly burned the bridge behind them, a tactic that got the boys so motivated that they beat the mighty Qin at the Battle of Julu in 207BC.

Alexander the Great, who created an empire that stretched from his home in Macedonia to India, ostentatiously burned his ships when arriving in Persia in 334BC. As his few thousand troops were facing a few hundred thousand of the enemy, one of his commanders asked, “How will we get home?” to which Alexander replied laconically, “We’ll use their ships.”

As a trader you need to be very strategic and resolute when it comes to engaging the financial markets. You do the unthinkable and have only one option which is to win. Here at KWAKOL like the generals talked about above we have burnt our bridges and it can only be a win or a bigger win for us.

This mindset has influenced everything that has to do with our trades. Our trading psychology is top notch and we have no place for the emotional game.

It’s September already and everyone is getting ready to close their books for Q3. We are looking forward with great anticipation for exponential growth.

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